About Us

Who are we

We are a private authentic Montessori preschool & Kindergarten. We welcome 12 months old children through 6 years old.

We encourage each child to reach their highest potential at their own individual pace, using a proven Montessori approach.


To provide the children of the Rio Grande Valley area with a nurturing Montessori environment which allows each child to become independent, cooperative, self-confident and self-disciplined. Capable of developing an inner desire to explore, discover and learn.

From this grows a lifelong love of learning, respect for others and the world around them, and both problem solving and academic skills.


To supply the essential environment and adequate guides to reach an integrated progress and develop the intellectual, creative, physical and emotional capacities of the students.

Our objective

To have a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and security, which soon evolves into a diverse and challenging environment for the children. Help the children to learn “how to learn” and discover the “joy of learning”.

Guide the students to prepare themselves for the transition and demands of higher education.