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Mission Montessori School

Develop Your Child’s Desire to Explore & Discover

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Choosing the right environment for growth is paramount to your child’s future success. At Lavalette Montessori, it is our mission to nurture independence, cooperation, self-confidence, and self-discipline. We strive to do more than teach children the skills they need in life; we strive to teach them how to keep learning on their own. Our specialized program provides students with tailored instruction to fully cultivate their intellectual, creative, physical, and emotional abilities. Ultimately, we prepare our students for higher education by providing a comfortable and diverse environment where they can challenge their inquisitive minds. Secure your child’s future by calling us at (956) 585-4344!

Montessori students are known to:

  • Learn in different ways, progressing at their own pace
  • Understand what they are learning,
  • Enjoy and actively engage in learning
  • Not be afraid to make mistakes
  • See failure as a natural step when it comes to progress
  • Strive to surpass their own limits instead of another student’s limits
  • Collaborate well with others

Do you want your child to grow up enjoying learning? Do you want your child growing up knowing how to respect others; how to solve problems; how to excel academically and socially? Our Montessori School in Mission, Texas has a deep concern for the emotional and social development of children. We believe every child is capable of developing an inner desire to explore, discover, and learn. The children who do, learn how to achieve true success.

Serving Rio Grande Valley, Mission, McAllen, and Sharyland, TX

A school’s work environment should be challenging and innovating place where young minds can flourish. The Montessori method comes from the belief that learning should originate from within an individual and through individual error. Our students learn to correct their own mistakes, so they can build self-esteem and eventually make decisions on their own.

Montessori classrooms are diverse and promote learning. Our goals and principles are:

  • To develop independent, critical thinkers.
  • To instill curiosity and a passion for learning.
  • To nurture authenticity.
  • To impart ethical living practices; developing courage, integrity, honesty, and kindness.
  • To guide in responsive, reflective problem solving and communication.
  • To champion leadership and innovation.
  • To promote inner-directed discipline.
  • To support creating harmony in themselves and others.
  • To encourage healthy living practices.
  • To foster respect for the environment and contribute to their community and planet.

Through interaction with other students of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds, your child will attain a wider perspective on the world and become more socially aware. If you would like more information about our school, please contact us at (956) 585-4344.